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Editing and Proofreading Service in Vancouver

With over twenty years of experience in editing, writing and publishing, I am a freelance editor based in Vancouver, BC. Ensure your essays, business documents, and creative writing are free of errors and engaging to read. I am a former journalist with a BA in English and an MA in Journalism.
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Get your writing the best it can be!

Academic Essay Editing

Be certain that your essays get the best grade they can with finely-tuned sentences and an overall flow to your writing. Whether you’re enrolled at UBC, SFU, or Capilano, I'll help you submit a clear and professionally proofread paper.

Business Proofreading

For businesses from Vancouver and across British Columbia, make sure your business reports, financial reports and your company's website are the best they can be to help you achieve your business goals.


ESL Proofreading

I can work with ESL Vancouverites to polish your English documents as fast as possible. If you’re worried about the clarity of your English writing, I'll help you produce well-articulated documents free of errors.


If you're launching your new website, be certain your text is error free and your sales copy draws new customers.

Technical Writing

I have written user manuals and on-line help systems for several software companies across Canada. I can help you turn technical jargon into plain English. Your clients and users will benefit by being able to understand your product quickly and easily.

Book Editing

If you're writing your first novel, or even your fifth, you'll need an editor and a proofreader before you submit your book to agents or self-publish online. I can help you with both substantive editing and proofreading so you'll be confident your book is fit for print.


Contact Me

Blue Morris, BA, MA


220 - 336 East 1st Ave., Vancouver, BC Canada

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